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Nirvana Golf Technologies L.L.C., was established by Karl Wilson, former nine-year NFL player, and Tyrone Wallace, former NAACP Businessman of the Year, to provide technologically advanced, custom fitted golf equipment that also preserve traditional values and conformance to historical specifications.

Nirvana Golf is the brainchild of Tyrone Wallace, company founder, president, and CEO and Karl W. Wilson, company co-founder and Vice President.

Tyrone Wallace – Founder, President and CEO
Prior to developing Nirvana Golf Technologies, Mr. Wallace has held executive positions such as Executive Vice President and COO, Vice President of Operations, Director of Industrial Relations, Director of Human Resources, Manager of Industrial Relations, Director of Quality Assurance, Manager of Quality Control, Plant Manager and Plant Chemist at leading manufacturing and packaging companies such as Figgie International, Do-It Corporation and Arkwright, Inc. for over 40 years. Mr. Wallace has been active in regional and local business development. He has served as Chair of the Board of Directors for the Berrien-Cass-Van Buren Workforce Development Board and the Berrien-Cass-Van Buren Private Industry Council, as well as, Chair of the Board of Directors for the Greater South Haven Area Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Wallace has also served on Project Business with Junior Achievement and the Executive Campaign Cabinet of Operation Partnership. He has been awarded Minority Businessman of the year by the NAACP. He has served on the board of directors of many other organizations and has received numerous awards. Mr. Wallace is also a certified instructor with DDI (Development Dimensions International). He attended Ferris State University.

Karl W. Wilson – Co-founder and Vice President
Prior to co-developing Nirvana Golf Technologies, Mr. Wilson was a defensive end for the National Football League from 1987-1996. A graduate of Louisiana State University, Mr. Wilson was team captain for both his junior and senior year. In 1984, he was voted Sophomore All American and in 1986 was voted First Team All Southeastern Conference. In 1987, Mr. Wilson was drafted in the third round to the San Diego Chargers. Mr. Wilson has worked extensively with youth through Athletes for Education, a non-profit organization dedicated to mentoring and encouraging youth through various sports programs in urban areas. He was also the San Diego City Director for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

The original goal of Nirvana Golf was to introduce newcomers (specifically, women, juniors, and minorities) to the game of golf. As the research needed to complete such a task began, one important fact stood out: Playing golf using improperly fitted equipment can put extreme physical strains on the body. Wallace felt the need to address this issue, and so the focus of his original goal shifted. With the assistance of a club designer, a new line of products was commissioned, primarily to reduce injuries associated with poor golf equipment. Through this new technology, both the professional and part time player will now have the opportunity to enjoy the game without the physical strains that using improperly fitted equipment can cause.

The initial financial commitment has allowed Nirvana to successfully file two U.S. patents, necessary trademarks, and to develop innovative golfing systems. Nirvana introduced its preeminent line of customized irons, woods, and putters that give the novice golfer comfort, and the professional golfer the ultimate golfing experience. The first system, the TruLong™ I, features a driver that inspired by the needs of long-drive competitors for a resilient, high-quality, customized club, and the ability to achieve ultimate distance and accuracy. Although traditionally styled, the TruLong™ I Driver bears a modern flare with a unique green finish. Recognized for its forged titanium head and specially reinforced face, Nirvana guarantees a product that will not crack, peel, chip, bend, or spring in or spring out. Additionally, the TruLong™ I Driver is perfect for the golfer with a swing speed above 100 mph as it offers a design with an optimum surface hitting area, resulting in maximum consistency and increased club control.

Next, Nirvana introduced another product, the FeraLon™ System II, of irons, utility wedges, drivers, and metal woods. The irons and utility wedges are styled for optimum control and durability, thanks to the stainless steel alloy adjustable hosel design. They are perimeter weighted with a chambered sole, and feature a special face coating, harder than titanium or maraging steel. The irons also offer a choice in shafts, flexes, and tour-quality grips. The utility wedges are available in gap, lob, and sand styles, all featuring a nickel-fiber graphite shaft. With this in mind, the design of The FeraLon™ System II irons and utility wedges allow for range beyond the needs of any golfer. Because the system offers extended adjustability, Nirvana ensures golfers the most accurate fit.

The FeraLon™ System II drivers and metal woods offer a stainless steel body with a maraging steel face. The face angle, loft, and weight are balanced to provide users with maximum, consistent power, increased club control, and optimum surface hitting area. Also worth noting is the product's professional quality graphite shaft in a choice of flexes, and a professional quality tour-wrap grip. In addition to the drivers, Nirvana also offers customers the Swagie Putter, customized to one's putting posture. This offset blade-style putter offers a soft-solid feel and smooth, consistent putting stroke. Strategically heel-toe weighted, lie angle adjustability is available in two-degree increments, from 64 to 76. Included in the Swagie Putter kit is a precision milled head with durable rubber insert, sets of lie inserts, a Swagie screw, a putter wrench, and, of course, instruction booklet.

Nirvana products incorporate proprietary designs that employ innovative technology and materials to develop what the company considers a line of truly customized, traditionally styled, high-tech precision golf equipment, all conformed to USGA regulations. The mission of the company is being achieved by heeding the advice of trainers and instructors on the importance of custom-tailored equipment.

This system, combined with innovative golf equipment, allows Nirvana to provide the golfing populace with technologically superior clubs, customized to their individual specifications. The end result: Golfers no longer adjust to the equipment; the equipment adjusts to them.

The company continues to operate with the following in mind, "The only way you can play your best is if you are using the proper equipment. At Nirvana, we are dedicated to bringing you the most technologically superior clubs that can be fitted to your needs. More enjoyment from the game and improved play is what Nirvana is all about." Remember long is good. Straight is better. Nirvana Golf equipment is both!

Tyrone Wallace - Founder, President & CEO  
Karl W. Wilson - Co-Founder and Vice President
Nirvana Golf Technologies LLC    



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