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The Swagie Putter


  • Lie angle adjusts in two-degree increments, from 64-76 degrees. Patent No: US 6,270,425 B1
  • Strategically heel-toe weighted.
  • Precision milled head.
  • Strategically heel-toe weighted.
  • Durable rubber insert for delicate putts.

The Swagie Putter is an offset blade style putter, in kit form that is customizable according to the golfer's putting posture. It is designed to offer a soft-solid feel and a smooth, consistent putting stroke regardless of where the ball contacts the face. This unique, innovative putter features a glossy black finish, graphite shaft, special weighting option, and a choice of professional, tour-quality grips.

It is strategically heel-toe weighted and offers lie angle adjustability in two-degree increments, from 64 -76 degrees. The standard configuration (zero degree inserts) provides a 70-degree lie angle.

The putter kit includes, one precision-milled putter head, with a durable rubber insert (to aid in the execution of those delicate, tricky putts requiring only a light touch), four sets of lie inserts (0, 2, 4 and 6 degrees),

one Swagie screw, one putter wrench and an instruction booklet. The special graphite shaft comes with the grip and offset hosel already attached.

Eight years in the development, Nirvana has successfully incorporated proprietary designs that employ the most innovative technology and materials to develop a line of truly customized, traditionally styled, high-tech precision golf equipment. All Nirvana equipment is designed to conform to U.S.G.A regulations.

The only way you can play your best is if you are using the proper equipment. At Nirvana, we are dedicated to bringing you the most technologically superior clubs that can be fitted to your needs. More enjoyment from the game and improved play is what Nirvana is all about, so get ready to enjoy..

"the ultimate golfing experience."

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